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Our strategies help you grow your portfolio regardless of the economy or the market.

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Your financial future Should Not be Left to Chance

Many investors struggle to earn consistent returns and often fail to reach their financial goals.  This is often because of reliance on outdated investment theory and advice that is not in touch with the real-world needs of investors.

Let us show you how we can help you create a more predictable outcome.



Here is what we do and how to access our investment strategies.

Drawbridge is a pioneer in the development and application of risk-managed, rules-based investment strategies.  We make our strategies available to individual investors, financial advisors, institutions, and financial publishers.  Select your investor type to learn more.

Individual Investors

For the do-it-yourself investor, Drawbridge offers unique investment models designed to provide higher returns with lower risks and that are easy to implement.

Financial Advisors

Drawbridge licenses models designed to simplify, differentiate, and maximize the growth of a financial advisors business.


Institutions & Publishers

We provide bespoke research services that help financial publishers and institutions develop new channels of revenue, grow their customer base, and expand their current brand.


Discover what’s behind the increasing popularity of rules-based investment strategies with our free course.

Build Your Perfect Investment Portfolio Almost Effortlessly


Not long ago it was almost laughable to think that ordinary investors could consistently beat the market and financial professionals.


But now, with commission-free trading and the proliferation of Exchange Traded Funds, it has never been easier for investors to earn market-beating returns, year after year.


To make sense of it all you need to understand the New Rules of Investing – a new approach and perspective to investing that will keep your portfolio on target, no matter what is happening in the economy.


Rules-based investing specialist and 30-year investment professional, Tim Fortier gives you an insider look at how he’s building successful portfolios that can be implemented by investors in as little as 15 minutes per month.


With the New Rules of Investing, the founder and CIO of Drawbridge Strategies shows you what’s working right now for building the worry-free portfolio for both today and tomorrow.


With these free 6 lessons, you will discover:


 How outdated investing beliefs may be costing you a fortune and your financial future

Learn how to invest worry-free no matter what the market and economy is doing

Discover the math secret that practically guarantees your success and predicts your outcome in advance

The most important investment rule you must focus on to assure your long-term success

See why ETFs have revolutionized investing and how you can harness their advantages

Learn why investment forecasts are worthless and how they can they can become a costly distraction

How to harness the power of the fintech revolution



About US

Drawbridge Strategies creates unique quantitative and rules-based models using ETFs and stocks, and licenses these models for use by individual investors, financial advisors, institutional investors, and financial publishers  Please visit Our Models page for more information.

We are on a mission to provide investors with better outcomes by way of investor education and by way of risk-managed, rules-based models.