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Formulas to Beat the Market

Here’s what we do and how to access our models… 

Drawbridge Investor

Drawbridge Investor serves the do-it-yourself investor seeking unique investment models designed to provide higher returns with lower risks and that are easy to implement. 

Managed Accounts

Want us to help manage your portfolio?  Contact us about having a registered investment advisor manage your account using our proven rules-based formulas.

Drawbridge Alliances

Drawbridge Alliances develops and licenses customized models for financial publishers, institutions, and other financial professionals to offer under their own brands.

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I have been using models created by Tim for a few years now.   For me, they provide an easy way to implement successful strategies that create long term wealth within a risk-adjusted portfolio.

For my clients, regardless of their age, they like the fact that they are participating in the market but also move out of the market when risk is higher.

The models provide a good balance of different asset classes that I might not necessarily have picked myself, thus providing the needed diversification for growth and risk.


Financial Advisor

About US

Drawbridge Strategies creates unique quantitative and rules-based models using ETFs and stocks, and licenses these models to Drawbridge Investor, Drawbridge Wealth, and Drawbridge Alliances.  Please visit Our Models page for more information.

We are on a mission to provide investors with better outcomes by way of investor education and by way of risk-managed, rules-based models.

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