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Our flagship model combines eight separate models to create a dynamic, diversified portfolio. U.S., international, and emerging equities along with bonds, commodities, and real estate are included.

Cornerstone Income


Designed to provide income, Cornerstone Income combines four different models with our downside risk protector©.


Focus 3


The Focus 3 model analyzes multiple asset classes to choose the three top-ranking ETFs designed to maximize gains and minimize risk.


U.S. Style Rotation


This model uses top-ranking U.S. style box ETFs and our downside risk protector© as a rules-based approach to investing in the U.S. market.

U.S. Sector Rotation


Geared to take advantage of cyclical markets, the U.S. Sector Rotation model invests in the top-ranking U.S. industry sectors.


U.S. Blend


The U.S. Blend model is a combination of the U.S. Sector and U.S. Style Rotation models.


World Traveler


The World Traveler model chooses the top-ranking country or broad-based index ETFs from the MSCI EAFE index.



Emerging Markets can offer great potential for growth but also for risk.  The Explorer model seeks to limit the volatility in these markets using our downside risk protector ©.

Global Blend


This model combines both World Traveler and Explorer with our downside risk protector©.


Sleep Easy


The Sleep Easy model is a global allocation model that chooses the top-ranking ETFs from six distinct asset classes.

Vanguard Tactical


Using only Vanguard funds, this model chooses the top-ranking investments from multiple asset classes.

Stock Models 

Small Cap Fiscal Momentum


Small Cap companies are chosen based on upgraded earnings and increasing fundamentals.


Small Cap Rockets


Small Cap Rockets focuses on fast-growing small cap companies that are experiencing rising earnings with upward revisions in analyst estimates.

Large Cap High Yield


This model focuses on the Russell 1000 U.S. large-cap index and chooses from the top-tier yielding companies.


Defensive Utilities


The Defensive Utility model screens for top-ranking utility stocks.


CANSLIM with Market Timing


This model expands on the work by William O’Neil by adding risk protection.

Dividend Aristrocrats


The Dividend Aristocrats model combines the top dividend-paying stocks with risk protection.

Dividend Value


The Dividend Value model uses the strength of dividend-paying companies to grow the portfolio.

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