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Sample ETF Models

Drawbridge Balanced

A modern approach to the traditional 60/40 portfolio.  

Each month, this model analyzes stock market ETFs and bond market ETFs and selects the top choice from each. The top stock market ETF is allocated 60% and the top bond ETF is allocated 40%.

The model uses our Downside Risk Protector® to protect accounts from market declines. 

Cornerstone II


Designed to provide income, this model actually blends four different strategies and applies our Downside Risk Protector®

This strategy is a multi-asset class income model that invests in a wide range of cash, fixed interest, and dividend-focused ETFs.



Focus Four

Focus Four is a global tactical model with the objective of long-term capital appreciation. 

The model ranks 14 ETFs in U.S. Stocks, International and Emerging Markets, Real Estate, Commodities, Gold, U.S. Treasuries, Corporate, High Yield, and International Bonds.

The model uses a dual-ranking system based on the underlying risk of the asset classes in the model to reduce volatility.

 SAMPLE Stock Models 

Crypto Comrades

The Crypto Comrades model is a way to invest in the crypto markets with reduced exposure to the risk.
The model invests in established companies that are developing processes and/or products in the crypto currency field that will benefit from the rise in this emerging technology. 

The goal of the Crypto Comrades model is to outperform the S&P 500 index while reducing volatility and downside risk in crypto currency.


SmallCap High Yield

The SmallCap High Yield model seeks companies with shares offering above-average yield and dividend growth.  

The portfolio buys 20 of the top-ranked qualifying dividend stocks.  To qualify, a stock must pass a basic liquidity filter, be listed on a major exchange and not be an ADR.

Stocks are ranked based on a proprietary formula which includes various factor themes such as growth, value, volatility, sentiment, shareholder yield and payout ratio. Other factors are considered such as industry strength.

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