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U.S. Unconstrained


A modern approach to the traditional 60/40 portfolio.  The U.S. Unconstrained model analyzes current market conditions to determine the best markets for investing.




International Unconstrained


International and Emerging Market investing with a focus on minimizing risk.  The International Unconstrained model chooses the top investments based on current market conditions.



Global Unconstrained


A combination of the U.S. Unconstrained and the International Unconstrained models.  This dynamic model adjusts to changing market conditions to invest in U.S. stocks, bond, International and Emerging Markets.



Cornerstone 2


Designed to provide income, Cornerstone 2 combines four different models with our downside risk protector©.


Focus Four


The Focus Four model analyzes multiple asset classes to choose the top-ranking ETFs designed to maximize gains and minimize risk.


Crypto Comrades


The Crypto Comrades model is designed to invest in companies that have processes or products related to crypto currencies.


Stock Models 

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