Legal Disclaimer


The models created by Drawbridge Strategies do not represent actual investments.  The models are created using a rules-based investment process that is applied on a current and on-going basis.  This method is hypothetical and back-tested, but may or may not have been independently audited by a third party.  The performance listed is hypothetical with the benefit of hindsight and as a result, have some limitations, including but not limited to:



Investors may experience different results than the model based on various reasons including timing differences in holding periods, investment management fees incurred, investor contributions and withdrawals, and wash sales.



Different types of investments and investment strategies involve varying levels of risk, and there can be no assurance that any specific investment or strategy will be either suitable or profitable for a prospective investor.



No investor should assume that future performance will be profitable, equal the performance listed for the model, equal the performance listed for the benchmark, or equal to that of another investor.


Drawbridge Strategies and its licensees assume no responsibility or liability for any trading or investment results.



The performances listed and information contained on this site may include errors.  Therefore, Drawbridge Strategies does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the information on this website.