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Do-it-yourself investing is a durable trend caused by a generational shift in how individuals relate to their portfolios and to capital markets.

Nearly 30 Percent of High Net Worth Investors in the U.S. Define Themselves as Self-Directed.

The subscription industry is projected to grow from $650 billion to $1.5 trillion by 2025.

financial publishing and trader education have gone mainstream.

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Leveraging over 30 years of experience, we’ve built a platform that can serve as the bridge between proven academic research and real-world practical applications.

We provide ETF, stock, and options models for investors to follow.  We’ve researched the strategies, read the books and whitepapers, and tested the models in real-time with real money.

We partner with select publishers and institutions and provide custom white-label solutions that work seamlessly behind your brand.  

Partner with Confidence

Front-end?  Back-end?  No matter what your specific need, we’ve got you covered.

Drawbridge works with some of the largest publishers in the industry and our IP has helped companies produce millions in revenue.  

Speak with us to see how we may do the same for you.   

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“I am an active manager with over 48 years of experience. I was introduced to Tim’s Keystone strategy by friends of mine who were pleased with the excellent client retention they had using it. I now have been using the strategy myself I am pleased with the performance. It relieves stress because the draw downs are small and it keeps my clients happy with the results.” 

Robert M.  

Financial Advisor, CT

I have been using models created by Tim for a few years now.   For me, they provide an easy way to implement successful strategies that create long term wealth within a risk-adjusted portfolio.

For my clients, regardless of their age, they like the fact that they are participating in the market but also move out of the market when risk is higher.

The models provide a good balance of different asset classes that I might not necessarily have picked myself, thus providing the needed diversification for growth and risk.

Kevin K.

Financial Advisor, IA

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