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Investor Quiz

In 2015, the FINRA Investor Education Foundation conducted the National Financial Capability Study and a follow-up study to investors who invest outside of retirement accounts.  Part of the survey included a 10 question multiple choice quiz.  Only 10% of...

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We have met the enemy and he is us.

Investors Predictably Underperform Investors face three primary challenges:  Behavior biases; loss of compounding from large portfolio losses; and the opportunity cost of being too conservative.  This article looks at behavioral biases.    Boston-based DALBAR, Inc has...

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Process Trumps Product

If you have been in the investment industry longer than 5 minutes you have come to realize that investors, i.e. your clients are not rational beings.  When times are good, they want it all and then some.  When times are bad, they forget what they told you during the...

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What is Diversification?

The only free lunch? Diversification has become an accepted, foundational principle for constructing investment portfolios. In many cases, the discussion around diversification centers on incorporating multiple asset classes into a portfolio to enhance the overall...

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