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Tim Fortier

Chief Strategy Officer

With 30 years of experience as an investment professional, I’ve worked as a Broker, Advisor, Chief Investment Officer, and Consultant.  I experienced the Boom of the 90s, the Tech Bubble, the Housing Bust leading to the Credit Crash in 2008, the Recovery, and all of the recent ups and downs. During this time, I realized that investors needed a better way to invest.

In 1993 I began focusing on building rules-based stock models.  When ETFs became more widely available in the late ’90s, I managed systematic sector rotation and country rotation strategies.  Later, I was responsible for building strategies for the firm where I was CIO while also helping launch three hedge funds.

In 2004, I started Portfolio Café to give everyday investors an opportunity to use rules-based models.  Along the way, I developed relationships with RIA firms and financial publishers as a way to bring the models to everyone. Today, our models are available to all facets of the financial world through three separate companies:  Drawbridge Investor, Drawbridge Wealth and Drawbridge Alliances.

Catherine Fortier

Chief Executive Officer

I started my career at a large global bank in 1996 after earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting.  As an Accounting and Custody Manager, I was responsible for the calculations of the daily net asset value for mutual funds along with preparing various financial statements and reconciliations, responsible for the custody of the assets of the funds, and worked with various fund groups converting them from one accounting system to another.  In 2003, when the company downsized, I left to raise my children.  

In 2008, I  returned to the workforce at a local accounting firm preparing tax returns and accounting work.  After working there for a few years, I decided to combine my previous investment experience with my desire to help clients with their financial goals.  In 2011, I accepted a position at a large brokerage firm as a Financial Advisor.  After six years of the broker-dealer world, I decided to start this company to provide investors and their financial professionals more choices when managing investment portfolios.  

I am also the owner of Drawbridge Wealth, a division of Capital Markets IQ, LLC, a fee-based SEC-registered investment advisor.  As an investment advisor representative, I advise clients about our models, help them match the right model with their individual need and manage their investments.

Our only focus is risk-managed, low volatility rules-based models.

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