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Tim Fortier

Tim Fortier

Founder, Chief Investment Officer

With 30 years of experience as an investment professional, I’ve worked as a Broker, Advisor, Chief Investment Officer, and Consultant.  I’ve experienced the Boom of the 90s, the Tech Bubble, the Housing Bust leading to the Credit Crash in 2008, the Recovery, and all of the recent ups and downs. 

By observing how popular investment strategies leave the outcome to chance and expose investors to significant risks, I have been on a mission to provide investors with a better way to invest.

In 1993 I started my own company and began focusing on building rules-based stock models.  Later, when ETFs became more widely available, I was among the first to embrace their use and developed several systematic ETF strategies.  

In 2000, I was hired as the CIO of a wealth management & family office where  I was responsible for building strategies for the firm while also helping launch three hedge funds.

In 2004, I started a newsletter to give everyday investors an opportunity to use rules-based models.  Along the way, I developed relationships with RIA firms and financial publishers as a way to bring the models to everyone. Today, our models are available to all facets of the financial world through three separate companies:  Drawbridge Investor, Drawbridge Wealth and Drawbridge Alliances.

Brian King

Brian King

Managing Director, Head of Distribution

Brian King has spent over two decades in the financial services industry.

He started his career in 1998 as a financial advisor and built a Fortress Financial Advisors in Jacksonville, FL. In 2006, Mr. King sold his advisory business to join a Kansas City startup exchange, then known as BATS Global Markets.

During his time at BATS, he was responsible for sales leadership as well as developing and managing new product lines both in the US and throughout Europe. After 10 years, BATS was sold for $3.4 billion to CBOE Global Markets. 

Brian spent the next four years helping to rebuild the New York Stock Exchange where he oversaw several parts of the business, including many aspects of market structure, trading, regulation, listings, and ETFs. 

Tae Kim

Tae Kim

Managing Director, Head of Marketing

Tae Kim brings nearly 30 years of financial services experience providing sales and marketing support for 40 Act mutual funds, alternative investments and Registered Investment Advisors.

Following a nearly two-decade career with American Century Investments, Tae’s brand and marketing career continued with both client and agency work for some of the nation’s premier brands including The University of Kansas Health System, Kellogg Company, H&R Block and Owens-Illinois.

He returned to financial services in 2014 as head of marketing for Montage Investments, a collection of boutique alternative asset managers under the Mariner Holdings organization.   

Our only focus is risk-managed, low volatility rules-based models.

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